Engineering EPC

Skywell provide  customers with design, procurement, construction, commissioning i.e. EPC services of projects,  and implement the following: project quality, progress, safety, cost, procurement, information archives, organization and coordination management according to the contract, and achieve the project objectives, to provide customers with the best service.

Engineering models are mainly the following:

E + P + C mode (engineering, procurement and construction):

Undertake the design, procurement, construction, commissioning and service of the project for the client, and is responsible for the quality, safety, duration, cost of project, submit to the client a high-quality project.

● E + P + CM mode (engineering, procurement and construction management) :

Be responsible for engineering, procurement, construction and management according to client’s investment purposes and requirement, choose and recommend the appropriate subcontractors to complete the design, procurement, construction for the client by bidding.

● E+C Mode (Engineering + construction contract):

● Other modes:

Depending on the size, type and requirements of client of the project, contracting can also use (E + P) design and procurement, (P + C), procurement and construction and other modes.