Oil and gas utilization project

Companies pay attention to sort out and summarized experience of many success stories in the development process, through capital investment and painstaking research to upgrade for the series has certain advantages of technology services industry chain downstream products. Town gas, LNG distributed generation, storage and liquefied natural gas collection efficiency, new energy and clean energy vehicles facilities, gas station, town "coal to gas," "coal to electricity", condensate processing, bio-oil system gas and other oil and gas utilization projects have strong ability to service the whole process.

Town gas

Carbon emission control and clean energy use promotes the urban natural gas, also bring the multi gas source safe and stable gas supply and do not have the regional gasification gas supply network. SKYWELL has a wealth of planning, design capacity and practical experience for the region and the characteristics of the load distribution in Old pipe network expansion transformation, New Gas Network and the new and old city grid,etc. SKYWELL has mature, low-cost single-point supply technology to solve the urban industrial enterprises and residential customers, "coal to gas", "coal to electricity" project cost, safety and environmental issues.

LNG distributed generation

Generation distributed applications has become a forward-looking solution of LNG coverage area commercial, service industry, high-end residential construction and some industrial production forward-looking solutions. SKYWELL closely follow trends, combined with upstream LNG projects for downstream users to provide single energy cold, heat, electricity, gas integration of saving energy and reducing consumption, the efficiency of the clean, high-end technical service.

Natural gas efficient storage and liquefaction

Efficient storage and liquefied natural gas collection services mainly for marginal gas, production of coal bed gas field and scattered gas recovery, “well factory “model resolve the single point, short-term production problems, the use of heat self balance the medium pressure, set storage technology and the modular fast processing equipment, liquefaction technology raise the natural gas field rolling development recovery, save construction investment.